It’s Smith Kebabs, Don’t Ever Forget It!

You don’t know Smith Kebabs? Uhhh, alright, so what rock have you been under for the last decade? Smith Kebabs is where you go. Smith Kebabs is where you get a kebab. A meat platter. A mouth-watering deliciously appetizing, absolutely freaking awesome kebab in Collingwood and we don’t want to hear anything else about it.

Mainly because writing this makes us want to hop in a car, go up to Collingwood, down Smith Street and order about twenty kebabs with chips, tabouli, hummus and some incredibly fresh made spinach and cheese pide.

If that wasn’t enough, this colourful kebab takeaway has some pretty cool people behind the counters. Really great service, quick, easy and with a smile, will serve up the meats, roll it, dip it, add it, spice it, and practically throw it into your mouth ready to go.

Images Via Smith Kebabs Instagram Account

Images Via Smith Kebabs Instagram Account

Also, a handful of pizza’s if kebabs aren’t your thing (why wouldn’t they be?) and you’re set. Located in the heart of Collingwood, we all love a kebab after a gig or a few dozen drinks in the nearby bars, and we guarantee, ask anyone where they usually end up and it’s here.

This isn’t a glitzy glamorous restaurant filled with eclectic wines and oysters hand-picked by blind monks in an architecturally exquisite setting, and we love being able to love a place that’s just what it is. And we love recommending those places, sometimes even more than those, prices never on the menu, over the top pretentious ones.

Bon Appetite.


74 Smith St, Collingwood VIC 3066


(03) 9419 9976

Opening Hours

Thursday – Saturday: 11am–6am

Sunday: 11am–5am

Monday – Wednesday: 11am–2:30am