Trust In Aunty Peg’s.

Aunty Peg’s is a warm welcome on a cold afternoon. A hot cup of joe and a good book on those winter snaps. A cold brew and a conversation at the bar while a summer breeze is wafting in from outside. A place to chill, to relax, to sample and taste some of Melbourne’s finest coffee made by some of Melbourne’s best baristas. Aunty Peg is all that, and more, and we adore it.

This simple, spacious and crisp cafe is a perfet Collingwood cafe.

From the visionary minds that brought you Proud Mary Coffee Roasters, Nolan Hirte named this cafe after his grandmother. A bold Scottish lady that was always there, and now just like the cafe, the namesake is perfect.

Images Via Aunty Peg’s Instagram Account

Images Via Aunty Peg’s Instagram Account

The cafe offers so much more than just a regular place to sit and drink coffee. Here you get to taste not only some of Melbourne’s premium blends, but some of the world’s best coffee. You get a one on one barista experience, and can even learn how to make the perfect cup of joe yourself.

Or you can purchase some of the famous Proud Mary beans to take home and share those hot cups of coffee with the fam. Or if you’re a tea fan, fear not, they got you covered. Some of the nicest teas you’ll sip are right here inside the lovely and eclectic Aunty Peg’s.

It seems that Aunty Peg has everything you would need, reminds us of our own grandma, don’t it?


200 Wellington Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066



+613 9417 1333

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday 9am to 5pm
Closed Public Holidays