The Stone Hotel

For the young at heart, the party-goers, the revellers, the legends of tomorrow, the beauties of today, the dancers, shakers, cocktail creators, the glitzy, the glamorous, the total dudes, the players, charmers and memory makers…..Stone Hotel, of course.

On the corner of Johnston and Brunswick, in the heart of Fitzroy, the Victorian classic pub – reborne – awaits. A great white monolith that sticks out like a beacon, calling all who wish for fun from here to far to its doors.

The craft beer is stocked, the menus are placed and the kitchen is roaring to life, the bartenders are polishing their stations, rearranging their bottles, and the beer garden is eagerly waiting, view in toe.

The Stone Hotel seems to be a staple here. A place that’s always around, always busy, always has those always things on offer. The local hang out for mates. The place to yell at the footy on the tv. Or for those Friday and Saturday nights, it’s a place to dance, to mingle, to enjoy your foolish twenties the best you can. Making mistakes, doing shots, and letting the DJ’s melt your inhibitions away.

Remember, it’s that big white building!

*Featured Image Via @naimcb Instagram)


298 – 300 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3061



03 9419 6413

Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday 12pm – Late
Friday – Saturday 12pm – 3AM
Sunday 12pm – 11PM