The Clock Strikes For Congress Wine.

There is sense and sensibility in cuisine. A balance of taste, memory and feeling. It is a constant act of finding and sifting through ingredients and the things they do in order to ensure that the dining experience is a perfect amalgamation of these things. By design, by nature, by passionate hands and by inspiring imagination. Congress Wine is the trapeze act balancing finely along that line.

It is here you will find a service purely dedicated to your experience. Tucked into a white monolith, the setting of this wine bar is filled with monotone colours, faded greys and solid blacks, off white tiles, cement pillars and simple timber. These are all by design, by favour of the simple, by the purity of a frame to indulge but never to overstep within sensations because the true sensation is that which fills your plate and flows within your glass.

Congress Wine is, indeed, a deeper look into the essence of the act.

Image Via Congress Wine Instagram Account

The menu here thrives in its presentation and simplicity. The oysters float on a black plate, a visual representation of their natural surroundings. The warm loaves of bread are sliced to perfection, coupled with mouth-watering butter. Their Kingfish is a king among dishes, their Kangaroo is imaginative and delectable. Their flavours traverse so many ideas and yet their presentations are simple, down to earth, and there for you to see.

They do not hide behind an overabundance of setting, architecture and clatter. They don’t overfill their plates so as to hope at least one thing pleases the palate. Congress Wine – and we won’t mention the incredible wine selection because some things you must go and experience yourself – does not self-indulge. It merely states its facts and gives its patrons the opportunity to enjoy their own experiences.

For this, and many more, we highly recommend Congress Wine.

Bon Appetite.


49 Peel Street, Collingwood 3066



Opening Hours

Dinner: Tuesday – Saturday
Lunch: Saturday