A Smell So Sweet, A Treat To Eat, At Flovie Florist Cafe.

This beautiful, contemporary and elegant cafe is more than just a place where one can enjoy a delicious meal and a tasty cup of coffee. It is a floral shop that embodies scents and colours, and it is an event space that caters to chic and corporate functions in a vibrant, lofty styled setting with modern yet classical design pieces.

Flovie is framed by flowers. It is floral in its name, its vocation, its very essence. It is such an elegance to visit Flovie. From the exposed brick, to the rustic tables, the white framed windows and crispness of the settings to the floral arrangements that line the walls, sprinkle the corners, and fill the cafe with scents of pure joy.

And it is joyful to be at Flovie. A name derived from three things, Flower, Love and Life. We cannot help but feel all three upon entering these majestic doors.

Image Via Flovie Florist Cafe Instagram Account

Located on the picturesque Queensberry Street, the cafe, with its Asian fusion menu and its eclectic setting has become a staple of the neighbourhood. It has rippled its reputation throughout Melbourne and has inspired and created dreamlike floral arrangements for true love. Weddings. First dates. Questions popped.

“Before you go my friend take a bouquet with you, for you never know who you may meet as you start your colourful journey.”

Quote from Flovie.

You feel a true sense of wonder, whimsy and magic coming here. The staff seem to reflect the essense of Flovie as much if not more than the flowers themselves. A happiness belongs here.

Coffee is served from a large granite counter, a kind of solidified frame to juxtapose the softness of the bouquet. There are industrial touches, too. Lighting made from recycled plumbing pipes. Industrial timber display shelves. A curved wooden staircase that leads up to the event and function space. It certainly is a loft in every sense of the word.

High ceilings give the place plenty of breathing room. Making it almost a cathedral. And the French-styled rustic bronze chandeliers only add to the overall ambience.

Flovie embodies the old, embraces the new, fuses the creative, innovates the majestic and does it all with the charm of a smile. We cannot help but thank them and recommend them.

Image Via Flovie Florist Cafe Instagram Account


261-263 Queensberry St, Carlton VIC 3053




+03 9348 1279

Cafe Enquiries: cafe@flovie.com.au

Flower Orders: florist@flovie.com.au 

Event Enquiries: event@flovie.com.au

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 8 am – 4 pm

Saturday – Sunday: 8 am – 5 pm