Stagger Lee’s

It’s the hard edges, torn sides, frayed and flawed imperfections that create characters who carve their presence in someone’s life. Stagger Lee’s Fitzroy is perfectly worn, a graffitied wall, a callused hand craftsman hard at work, conjuring and creating. And we happened upon this white bricked, rustic, salt of the earth filling and fulfilling meal making the place more than we can count.

From Proud Mary comes Stagger Lee.

Image Via Stagger Lee’s Instagram Account

The place is cool. The atmosphere is chill, the staff is relaxed and attentive. It provides us with warmth in the winters, as it should, and bright colours, shining light and cool shade in the summer.

The gang at Proud Mary really knows what they’re doing. They’re young, energetic, enthusiastic about what they do and about connecting with the people they love and love their coffee. It comes out in everything they start and Stagger Lee is proof that hard work and attention to quality and service pays off.

The menu has a list of your classics, reimagined or filled to the brim with flavour. Burgers that will send you into a frenzy, mouth-watering toasties, smoked brisket that looks like it tastes, over and over again. Fruit toast that pairs incredibly with a fresh batch of coffee at your side. Seriously there are times where we’ve sat down here and ordered, eaten, then thought, “hmmm, again?”.

Images Via Stagger Lee’s Instagram Account

Images Via Stagger Lee’s Instagram Account

The coffee is exactly what you’d expect from the team. They really truly love the blends, the Brazilians, the beans that roast perfectly and the aromas of that bitter sanctity of coffee.

Stagger Lee’s is a perfect place for a long solo work lunch, read a book, write a book, or get some reports done while Fitzroy buzzes all around you and the coffee gets poured. Great for an evening glass of wine, or something stronger, with a friend or two, or an easy date option for something a bit more casual.

We recommend, we adore, Stagger Lee’s.


276 Brunswick Street, FitzroyMelbourne VIC 3065



(03) 9419 5564

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Saturday – Sunday: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM