Le Bon Ton

New Orleans inspired bar and smokehouse Le Bon Ton is a page of Southern history. Open bricked, classic styled, pit-smoked meats over fruit woods up to twelve hours, true southern BBQ, Bourbon Street amalgamation right here in the heart of Melbourne.

Inside is a classic southern New Orleans ambience. Full of character and vintage memorabilia all made effortlessly and blended in perfection to take you back to the hay day. A courtyard that screams for live music and chill vibes. A bar that is stocked to the brim with some of the south’s best spirits, along with a wide selection for all us Australians. And a menu filled with some mouth-watering, absolutely delicious Cajun and Creole food. Louisiana countryside is all up in this place and we couldn’t get enough of it.

Image Via Le Bon Ton Instagram Account

Flavours and aromas fill the void from Alabama to Mexico and everywhere in between. One of Melbourne’s best BBQ spots, and one of Collingwood’s best go to hangs, Le Bon Ton should be on everyone’s list.

The brothers behind this creation, Will and Mick Balleau, have put their blood, sweat and tears into this, and it shows. There’s nothing like passion to really fire the senses, and an enthusiasm for something deeper, more meaningful, to enlighten and enhance your experience.

Image Via Le Bon Ton Instagram Account

In every brick is a story, a character, in every polished piece of wood, a flavour, in every lampshade or vintage painting, memory and tale. This is Le Bon Ton and this is our recommendation for true southern style bbq, great cocktails, craft beers, unbridled spirits, and warm beginnings.

Bon Appetite.


51 Gipps St Collingwood Melbourne VIC 3066




(03) 9427 2133

Opening Hours

Friday, Saturday: 12pm–5am

Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday: 12–11pm

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 4–11pm