Best Coffee Spots: Inner North Melbourne

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Let’s go for a walk, shall we? Here’s a list of some of our favourite and best coffee spots in the inner north suburbs of North Melbourne, Carlton, Fitzroy, and Collingwood.

Image Source: Crystal – Google – Twenty & Six Espresso North Melbourne
Image Source: Twenty & Six

What a lovely local cafe. Twenty & Six has a cute little courtyard where you can sit with your deliciously tasty coffee and a plateful of some of the best breakfast meals. Chilli scramble with hashbrowns is a must, along with their seasonal French Toast. Their coffee is sourced from Seven Seeds, creating wonderful flavours to sip on from alternative blends, and single origins week to week.

Address: 594 Queensberry St, North Melbourne VIC 3051 Website

Image Source: Randy – Google – Code Black Coffee
Image Source: Vamshi Krishna – Google – Code Black Coffee Melbourne

This rustic, chic, warehouse-style cafe serves one mean cup of coffee. The blends change with the seasons, and filter and single origins are roasted in-house, in a smaller machine. Code Black Coffee North Melbourne knows their stuff. The staff are super friendly, the coffee is made to perfection, and the place has a great vibe to chill in.

Address: 119 Howard St, North Melbourne VIC 3051


Image Source: Lumen People North Melbourne
Image Source: Lumen People North Melbourne

Lumen is a small indie-inspired cafe that packs a big punch. Located in North Melbourne shops, Lumen serves incredible coffee. The owners are true coffee connoisseurs. Lumen is a quaint, flavourful experience and a must-try for any coffee lovers in Melbourne.

Address: Shop 2a/520 Victoria St, North Melbourne VIC 3051


Image Source: TW Picachu – Google – Seven Seeds Cafe
Image Source: Charlotte Cheng – Google – Seven Seeds Cafe

A staple of Melbourne coffee, Seven Seeds is usually found on the top of most people’s lists for the best coffee. So, of course, it would be on ours. It is all about quality here. The industrial-style cafe is often buzzing with people, all here for lighter roasts to suit filter, cold drip and other brewing styles. The school of Seven Seeds is based on quality and transparency when it comes to bean sourcing and we’re all in for the experience.

Address: 114 Berkeley St, Carlton VIC 3053


Image Source: Ryan H – Google – Good Measure Carlton
Image Source: Vianne Zhang – Google – Good Measure Carlton

It’s hard to find this cafe ever empty. The seats are often filled and there’s a hum of energy bouncing off the walls. With a cute little courtyard and a chill style enveloped by timber on all sides, Good Measure is a great place to meet a friend or date who also enjoys a great-tasting coffee. Code Black coffee is the main star of the show, but they also do a tasty Mont Blanc (a cold filter brew, sweetened with dark sugar, and topped with whipped cream, peppered with fresh grated nutmeg and orange zest.) Good Measure is definitely on the must-try in Melbourne and one of Carlton’s best.

Address: 193 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053


Image Source: Her Cafe
Image Source: Her Cafe

What a cute cafe. Serving some absolutely mouth-watering Asian-inspired baked treats. Light fluffy sponges and Swiss rolls that melt in your mouth. To top of your sweet tooth, this cafe also does a really nice coffee. Nothing pretentious or over the top, but just right, and a perfect way to start your day or get you through lunch. A great coffee on the go, and you get to add a little sweetness to go with it. Carlton never tasted better.

Address: Shop 1R/516 Swanston St Carlton 3053


Image Source: Menontonini Menotoni – Google – Sila espresso Bar Fitzroy
Image Source: Sila Espresso Bar Fitzroy

Sila is unique. A character on its own, it sticks out at you, pulling you in out of pure curiosity only to then win you over with attitude and authentic, traditional coffee. You might as well have stepped into a time machine and opened the door in the 60’s. We could say a lot about this place. A time capsule of personality and pleasure. But we urge you to visit it instead and find out for yourselves.

Address: 189 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

Image Source: Stagger Lee’s True Tribe Google
Image Source: Osin Oz – Google – Stagger Lee’s

Of course, it’s on the list. Who do you think we are? Fitzroy’s finest, Stagger Lee, a staple of the community and one of Melbourne’s best spots also makes great coffee. Selling single-origin espresso and filter coffee, you’ll be whisked away with a cup of joe and probably one of the best meals in Melbourne to go with it. Spacious, full of energy, with a focus on quality and service, Stagger Lee doesn’t disappoint.

Address: 276 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065


Image Source: Avin Handley Lune Croissanterie Fitzroy Melbourne
Image Source: Vincent (Vincent) – Google – Lune

Okay, this one is a cheat. We love the pastries here. But we also love the coffee. Small batch coffee. It’s kind of a couple deal when it comes to Lune. The coffee is great, don’t get us wrong. You can’t mess up coffee when you go to a place that doesn’t fill an entire menu with different styles. No, no. But it’s really the pastries that make the bean experience better. A lot of places on this list you can get away with just the coffee, and that’s great, we love coffee. That’s why we’re here. But at Lune, the pastries is part of the coffee and we think, vice versa. The two go together like, well, a Croissant and a coffee. Must try!

Address: 119 Rose St, Fitzroy VIC 3065


Image Source: Alice Proud – Google – Proud Mary
Image Soure: Andrew Woods – Google – Proud Mary Coffee

We’re always proud to put Proud Mary Coffee on any coffee list you can think of. And deservedly so. Single-origin coffee served in a brick and wood that you can spend all day in with a laptop or a friend, Proud Mary Coffee tops most people’s lists. One of many reasons to visit Collingwood, Proud Mary brings passion, flavour, and years of experience to every cup. Roasted in Melbourne, you would be doing yourselves a favour by buying some of these delicious beans on your way out.

Address: 172 Oxford St, Collingwood VIC 3066


Image Source: Ashley Hughes – Google – Two Birds Collingwood
Image Source: Two Birds

The rustic, brick-clad Two Birds in Collingwood is a must-try on any visit. This beautifully designed cafe has some of the finest coffee we’ve had. Code Black Coffee is the specialty coffee they use, but their quality and attention to every cup is what grounds Two Birds coffee experience in a pure coffee lover passion. Along with the incredible ambience of this place, you’ll love their menu. This is a perfect spot for a date, trust us.

Address: 31 Peel St, Collingwood VIC 3066


Image Source: Deahn Bradley – Google – Into Coffee Collingwood

This place is a vibe and kind of an odd pick, but a deserved one nonetheless. The second half of a bigger business called Into Carry, which specializes in affordable bags you can buy or make, it’s also a sustainable cafe and community hub and you feel both as soon as you walk in. Into Coffee is definitely worth your time and you’ll walk out with not only a great cup of coffee, and one of Collingwood’s best, but maybe even a bag!

Address: 2A Robert St, Collingwood VIC 3066


Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed our little journey through the best coffee in inner north Melbourne. We loved experiencing them and we know you will too. Take a friend, a partner, a stranger or a good book and go for a wander, order a cup or two, maybe a bite to eat, and enjoy the tastes of North Melbourne, Carlton, Fitzroy and Collingwood.

Featured Image: Image by jcomp on Freepik