The Aromas And Tastes Of KL Bunga Raya.

In Malaysia, Bunga Raya is a national flower, in fact, it is the Hibiscus flower, and in Malaysian, Bunga Raya literally means Great Flower.

To Bunga Raya, Malaysia is more than just home, it is a place of fusion. A cuisine evolved over time from many different cultures and spices, all coming magically together on a plate.

In North Melbourne, KL Bunga Raya is a very well kept flower, frequented by all the locals and those lucky enough to know about it. To put it mildly, this place has some of the best Malaysian food in Melbourne.

Do yourself a favour, grab a seat and a menu, a friend or two or just on your own, and enjoy North Melbourne’s best-hidden gem, KL Bunga Raya.

It’s a modest restaurant, nothing too fancy inside or outside, and at first glance looks more like a takeaway than anything. But it’s warm. The staff are extremely friendly, welcoming, and there is a sweet vibe inside the place that makes you feel at home.

Image Via KL Bunga Website

A perfect date location, where the pressure of a large restaurant disappears, and the dishes take you on a Malaysian tour de force.

If it’s a quick meal, a lunch special, or a long dinner with friends, you’re going to KL for the chill setting and more than anything, the really, really good food.

Some of their specials, and our favourites, include Roast Duck Curry, Deep Fried Chicken Ribs, Curry Fish Fillet, Laksa, Golden Calamari Salted Egg Yolk, Singapore Noodle, Hainanese Chicken Rice, and any of their Lunch Specials!


34 Errol St, North Melbourne VIC 3051, Australia



03 93291762

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday: 11:30am–10pm