We Shall Follow The Eleventh Commandment.

There are small halos of light that protrude, hover, almost hypnotically, from the white wood-panelled walls of the Eleventh Commandment cafe. The simplest and most unobtrusive of things, and yet, it lends a subtle nuance of character to this quintessential, easy vibed, Collingwood staple.

In fact, the Eleventh Commandment embraces its simplicity throughout its decor, from the simple indoor seating arrangement to the doggo friendly outdoor courtyard, with its long tables and Babylonian style hanging gardens. Of course, the courtyard is also simply painted in simply gorgeous colours.

Vibrant and alive, and yet, things are just simply beautiful here. Like the creators of this quaint place just said, here we are, this is us, no questions, no comments, no pretending.

Image Via Eleventh Commandment Instagram Account

Image Via Eleventh Commandment Instagram Account

There isn’t an overabundance of ideas, or a pretentious amount of eclectic and robust knick-knacks that scream, look at me, look at me, like some other cafes around town. Instead, the Eleventh Commandment is constructed with purpose, love, and a passion for those delicious and mouth-watering brunch style specials.

Image Eleventh Commandment Instagram Account

Like their soft, oh so fluffy brioche bun with fried egg, grilled bacon, relish cheese, rocket and house aioli. Melting in your mouth with every bite and taking you to that special place. Their Edamame and Zucchini Fritters with miso aioli, sautéed greens, smoked almonds, and fresh chilli are a perfect wake up call to a busy afternoon. A sizzling hot curry fried chicken burger and fresh juices that will inflame and stimulate the senses for the rest of the day.

Or you could just bring your little furry companion, order one very well made coffee, and read a book underneath their hanging gardens in the back, enjoying a day go by, taking all its troubles with it.

Either way, we think you should definitely take a moment in life and that moment should be had in the Eleventh Commandment.

Bon Appetite.


134 Johnston street, Collingwood




(03) 9044 5963

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday:  7am – 4pm

Saturday + Sunday: 8am -4pm