Nahm Tao Thai Kitchen Spices Up Your Life.

A black and white checkered floor, an open kitchen complete with chef and hat, a large front window with pleasant lighting and a pleasant view, and a menu styled in simple Thai inspirations and served with perfect Thai service. Nahm Tao Thai Kitchen kind of says it all in the name.

Located on busy Victoria Street, a few steps from Queen Victoria Market, Nahm Tao Thai Kitchen is a go to for some delicous thai specialties.

Heavenly prepared Pad Thai, spices that infuse, Chili basil stir fry, fresh and incredibly tasty, Nahm Tao Thai is no joke when it comes to straightforward, unfaltering Asian cuisine.

to show nahm tao thai kitchen menu of dishes
Image Via Nahm Tao Thai Kitching Instagram Account

This place is most likely on a few peoples lists, ours included. We’ve spent many a night warming up our insides with their menu, trying and sampling and laughing the night away. It’s an inviting place. Thai’s have a way of making you feel welcome with a single smile, and that’s exactly how you’ll feel.

The menu isn’t expensive, nor do they try to be. They simply just are, we just wish for more on their menu, and perhaps bigger servings, but we’re not complaining.

Their Pad See Ew is hands down probably the best in Melbourne, and if you want that real Thai experience, chilli and spice will make everything nice at Nahm Tao Thai Kitchen!


348 Victoria St, North Melbourne VIC 3051, Australia



+61 451 913 348

Opening Hours

Wednesday – Monday: 11am – 10pm