A Moment In Time At The Bistro Sousou.

Welcome to the 1920s. This is Paris! Please, pull up a chair. There’s one available next to the writer and the poet. Do not mind them. They are arguing about the true philosophy of literature while picking their way at the Charcuterie. Distinguished Gentlemen and Ladies of the Parisian high society are mingling and dining all around you, sipping cocktails, smelling whiskey, and discussing the latest trends from abroad. The bar is weathered and polished, the barkeep is busily filling a brandy and waving you in with that all too familiar grin as the staff hurry past with a plate of mouth-watering oysters ready to be devoured.

The walls are adorned with paintings from all those starving artists that frequent the bistro, hoping to land a patron of the noblest manner. The lighting is just right, golden and hued, dripping from the walls, and that deep rich wooden framing melts and warms the soul. The wine is poured well, a selection to captivate the heart from rich dark reds to tongue twisting whites.

Vibrant aromas of delicate delicious Porterhouse steaks, Wagyu rump, and confit duck leg with choucroute and sour cherry jus fill the bistro with pure joy.

The staff effortlessly flow from one table to the next and outside, well, outside is 2021 roaring past, but that’s another time and another place, we’re at the bistro now.

Image Via Bistro Sousou Instagram Account

It may be barely two decades young but it feels a century old and we adore it. There is something to be said about places like this. Places that can whisk you away and make you feel as though you are in another time, another place, a page in history. It is like travelling back and seeing first-hand what it was all like.

Classic Parisian fare adorns the menu, created by chefs who understand their craft, the rich culture it derives from, and the perfect way to serve it.

The bistro houses an incredible selection of free-range grass-fed beef, dry-aged in a climate-controlled environment for a minimum of twenty-one days. Cuts are highly selective, originating from the great southern farms of Tasmania, Queensland and New South Wales.

Images Via Bistro Sousou Instagram Account

Images Via Bistro Sousou Instagram Account

Upstairs there is a private function room, overlooking the bustling and cultural hub of Fitzroy, Gertrude Street. The room is picturesque. If you did not feel like you were in Paris before, you certainly will up there.

Walking inside these doors you should leave your worries and your century behind. Step into the past, experience and enjoy an evening of fine dining and cultured staff, and when you leave, leave well.

​​We recommend and we enjoyed the Bistro Sousou.

Bon Appetite.


153 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy Victoria 3065




9417 0400

Opening Hours

Tuseday – Saturday 4 pm – Late