The Formidable Ziyka.

In the heart of Carlton, among the endless Italian bistros of Lygon Street, is a desi dining epicentre. A restaurant infused with the rich and vibrant tastes and aromas of Pakistan, India and Bengal. Ziyka Restaurant is the kingdom of cuisine.

Decades of experience, a treasure trove of halal secrets, a marketplace of spices, tastes, dishes to titillate the senses, and explore the palate, make Ziyka quite possibly the end all be all of the Indian, Pakistani and Bengali cuisine here in Melbourne.

The restaurant itself has a spacious interior. Dark walls and ceilings close you into the experience of the food that’s to come. Plenty of tables, most of which are placed side by side, Ziyka can accommodate two or three intimately, but it is in groups that cuisine like this should be eaten. Ziyka is made to be shared.

And my did we share and did we eat. This place is to say the least, fantastic!

The service is as you’d expect in a place that demands great care. Plates are often filled, portions are large, and there isn’t a spice that has not been used in some way shape or form.

Images Via Ziyka Restaurant Instagram Account

Images Via Ziyka Restaurant Instagram Account

Chicken Tikka, marinated in spices, cooked on a charcoal grill, is delicious. Mutton Dhaba is Goat with bones cooked in special authentic Ziyka sauce in traditional Pakistani style. A dish best shared, and a dish very much enjoyed. There are extensive veggie options, chicken in classical Indian or Bengal, a Prawn Masala definitely worth trying, and a good list of starters to go around.

Sitting down at Ziyka is a treat. Friends, conversation, the coming and going of a charming staff that flows from table to table carrying spices and meats and curries and desserts that waft freely in this marketplace of desi delightfulness.

Come one, definitely come all, and….

Bon Appetite.


234-236 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053



(03) 80808048

Opening Hours

  • Monday, Wednesday – Sunday: 5:30 PM – 1:00 AM
  • Tuesday: Closed