Millé & B

In 2014 Millé & B began as an online boutique cake shop. It specialized in decadent layered cakes which were known as Mille Crepes Cake, which is simply translated to, ‘thousand crepe cake’.

The business thrived as so in August of 2018, Millé & B opened their very first brick and mortar store, right here, in Carlton. And needless to say, inner northerners were very, very pleased.

The cafe itself is modern, extremely open, and very welcoming. High ceilings let space truly breathe, white and greyscale wall colours give the space even more freedom and simplicity. Tall front windows let the light and the patrons in and the few shelves behind the counter are stacked neatly, meticulously and not overwhelmed with the product.

It’s a simple, modern and sound design with few colours because as we all came to understand and know, it is what Millé & B create that is the true centrepiece of this cafe. Art in a delicious form.

Image Via Millé & B Instagram Account

True creators of amazing things, those artisans behind Millé & B understand and love what they do. You only need to see one of their cakes and you will immediately be swept away in their world. A Millé & B Cake is constructed of twenty layers of delicate thin crepes. They go through great lengths and precision to fill each layer with their own unique fillings. Creations inspired by both seasonal fruits and Asian palettes.

There is a taste for everyone. A cake for all tastes. And if you’re feeling like something else, then we suggest trying one of their butter cakes or perhaps their macarons, each delectable and addictive. Or maybe you’d prefer the fluffy, sweet Japanese bread, Shokupan.

Sipping on a nice cup of coffee, sitting in this open-aired cafe, and nibbling little by little on a slice of one of Millé & B’s creations is a treat. It is something you share, or something you hold onto all by yourself, either way, it is something one does when life seems a little bleak, winter a little cold, days a little grey. Something that puts your spirits back into action, warms your soul, and flues you for the journey ahead.

Bon Appetite.

Image Via Millé & B Instagram Account


Shop 3, 28 Bouverie St, Carlton 3053.



0437 826 731

Opening Hours

Tues to Sun – 10am to 4pm

Monday – Closed