The Story Of Abla.

It’s all about family and food. These two things, two principles, staples of our species and cornerstones of our entire evolution are as ingrained in us as breathing. Family. To be with those you love, to love those you are kin to. Food. The very essence of our lives. We need it, we crave it, we look for it, create it, pick it, grow it, mix it and above all else, we share it. Never have these two things, these two ingredients to humanity, be more married than at Abla’s Lebanese Restaurant.

“Anything you do with love, you can never do wrong”

Words from Abla, the Queen of Lebanese Cooking.
Image Via Abla’s Restaurant Instagram Account

We won’t tell you Abla’s story here. To be honest we don’t think we can truly do it any justice. Her life, her history, her journey from Lebanon to Australia and the work, the blood, sweat and tears it took to build her restaurant are best left for her to tell, or for you to read.

What we will tell you is to visit Abla’s Lebanese Restaurant. It isn’t extravagant. It isn’t pretentious. In fact, it’s quite simple, sprinkled with traditional Lebanese touches, simple dark wood tables, and a somewhat classical restaurant ambience. In fact, from the outside, Abla’s doesn’t quite look like it’s screaming, “come in!” and to be honest, we’re pretty happy about that.

Because a pretty facade and upscale interior doesn’t mean much to good food, and certainly not to Abla.

What does is the food. The service. The family that calls this place home and the traditional recipes, tastes, spices, smells and sounds that have been passed on from generation from a land far to a plate near. And when it comes to the food, it’s amazing, to say the least. Kibbee, Vine Leaves, Kafta, Chicken and Rice, Tabouleh, all made with incredible vigour to tradition, infused with the spices and aroma of Lebanon, and served with incredible service.

For over four long decades Abla’s Restaurant has been a staple of not just Carlton, but of Melbourne. Humble, simple things. Good food and family. Warmth, charm, character, and a woman of strength, of pride, courage and love. This is Abla’s Restaurant, and this is the place to go.


109 Elgin St, Carlton VIC 3053



(03) 9347 0006

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