Cracking The Code To Perfect Coffee – Code Black.

Just look for the old greyish building with the big Howard Street above the door, walk inside, order a coffee, and enjoy!

Coda Black Coffee is pretty serious about its beans. The cafe is down to earth, nothing too fancy, and their focus is on your Melbourne cafe cuisine. All the favourite breakfasts and lunches are there. If you’re looking for a place to relax with a good bite to eat, or a few friends to mingle with during lunch, then Coda Black has you covered.

Image Via Coda Black Coffee Instagram Account

But you’re probably not going there for the food alone, are you?

It’s the coffee that Coda Black thrives at.

They source their green beans from local partners and straight from the origins. They roast them, they pop them in wholesale bags, sell them to those wanting the experience at home, or put their skills to the table.

Each barista is trained specially for the Coda Black code of coffee. The cafe hosts selected single-origin, signature blends and decaffeinated coffees.

Image Via Coda Black Coffee Instagram Account (ex wife blend)

You can even develop your own customised blend at Coda Black Coffee, right on the spot.

The magical staff take their time to perfect their masterful skills. Coffee, like all good things in life, takes research and patience and a constant regime of quality testing to ensure every cup is filled with the most precious of black liquids.

They care, too.

Service is fantastic at this North Melbourne cafe. One can always tell when there’s passion infused into a product, and they is definitely passion here.





03 9329 3051

Opening Hours

Every Day: 7am – 4pm