We Tip Our Hats To Lord Lygon.

Within the Zagames House is Lord Lygon. We could call it a wine shop since, yes, you can purchase wine. In fact, you could purchase one or two of their 300+ wines on the list.

We could also call it a restaurant since, yes, you could eat there. You could enjoy one of the selected menu dishes created by award-winning executive chef Chris Bonello. You could also choose a charcuterie pairing. Small bites of meats, cheeses and other such things bring wine to the forefront.

But to call Lord Lygon either a just shop or just a restaurant would be, in our view, remiss.

Image Via Lord Lygon Instagram Account

It is comfort. Cushioned chairs, deep sofas for you to sink into are speckled around. It is rustic. Dark wooden tables and metallic grating above the bar. It is 30’s funk. Marble bar, deco chairs. And it is absolutely lined, wall to wall, with wines. Like a constant frame enveloping a moving picture.

It is all those things and therefore cannot be just a wine shop or just a restaurant but more of an experience and a moment away from the modern.

Image Via Lord Lygon Instagram Account

The wine list is, indeed, very long. The food is, indeed very much delicious, well made, and well served. The service is friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive. Lord Lygon is a deserved name for this place and we feel that it deserves our very humble recommendation.

Bon Appetite.


66 Lygon St, 3053 Carlton (VIC)