A Temple Of Games, Drinks, & Coffee: Temple Arden

In the heart of North Melbourne is Temple Arden. A place where freindlieness and community have a different meaning. Where fun lives. Friendships are forged in the fires of Magic. And the outside world is miles away. This is not your run-of-the-mill gaming café, no, it’s the spot where dice rolls meet coffee goals. Opened just before the pandemic, it didn’t take long for Arden Temple to become the go-to place for tabletop fun and all-around good vibes.

Locals kickstart their day here – grabbing a top Melbourne caffeine fix – while students drop by for study sessions, and remote workers soak in the library of games on offer. Coffee’s brewing, friendships are forming, and the days are set for a mix of work and play.

Image Source: Temple Arden

As the sun sets, the café flips the switch for a gaming extravaganza! Fridays and Saturdays are late-night game fests. Think laughter, dice rolls, and intense card game strategies. It’s not just a café; it’s the place where people level up over board games. You walk through the doors and your ego is set aside. Here, your innermost nerdiness can thrive and conversations roll from D ‘n’ D, to Trek, Star Wars to Catan, RPG strategy to Dr Who theory and beyond.

Image Source: Temple Arden

Hold on, it gets even better! The café throws down epic events – Super Smash Bros tournaments, Magic the Gathering showdowns, and game days that are basically a party. And don’t even get started on the RPG groups, where stories unfold like magic quests. Temple Arden is truly a temple for the gamer within all of us. And if you’re new. If you’ve never gamed. Never sat and rolled a dice or five, never strategized, you’re in perfect hands. The staff here will happily introduce you to the world of Magic.

Starting February: Introducing Happy Hour! Cheap drinks in the mid-afternoon, Fridays 5-7 pm and Sat/Sun 2-4 pm.
The board game library: borrow and play for all Temple Arden patrons.
Weekend fun: Make sure to book your table as sometimes it can get a bit tight.
To be continued: Keep your eyes peeled on the Temple Arden Instagram for upcoming Nerdier Trivia Nights and a Chess Club.

It’s not just slinging coffee and rolling dice; it’s creating a space where imagination runs wild, and everyone’s welcome. It’s not just a café; it’s a creative HQ where every sip and game move is a mini-adventure. Set the board, order some steller beers, and laugh the night away.

Image Source: Temple Arden
Image Source: Temple Arden

Whether you’re a pro gamer, a coffee addict, or just looking for a chill spot, everyone’s invited to swing by! It’s all about mixing strategy with sips, and laughter with lattes. Come for the games, stay for the community– order a coffee, or a beer, get a snack to nibble on, and let the games begin!

See you at the tables!

Address: 135 Arden St, North Melbourne VIC 3051

Instagram: @temple.arden