Auction Rooms, Need We Say More?

The old blue facade. Perhaps, not so blue anymore. Worn on the edges, frayed with time, weathered with days gone by since the W.B. Ellis building was established, yonder days of 1864.

The building has seen better days, and worse, an electrical company once called it home, and who knows who else, and then new life within its distressed open brick, steel beamed, industrial architecture was breathed.

Auction Rooms, of course, was born.

Image Via Auction Rooms Instagram Account

True, not the first cafe to call the building home, Auction Rooms was established in November of 2016. before then, Andrew Kelly has been the cafe’s runner for eight years. He stopped and sold the place to the St Ali empire. Instead of dealing with cafe culture, Kelly decided to focus on his passion, coffee. Small Batch, was his newest project, and subsequently is the bean of choice for Auction Rooms.

The cafe itself is very industrial, very roomy, filled with light from all corners, the large windows at the front, or the larger windows that open up to the courtyard. There is a bar serving wines and spirits, and a large coffee counter where all those beautifully made coffees live.

There are few places in North Melbourne that get the kind of attention that Auction Rooms does. Auction Rooms deserves it.

The food is delicious. We could go into seasonal ingredients, specials, the one-page menu that somehow is more than enough, the burgers, the waffles, the bacon, the this and the that, but all that will do is cause our mouths to water and your mouths to dribble. The better option, go there. Sit down. Order a coffee. Order a meal. Grab a book, or a friend, or a date or a laptop or whatever else you might need, and enjoy.

Treat yourself!


103-107 Errol St, North Melbourne



(03) 9326 7749

Opening Hours

MON – FRI: 7 am – 5 pm
SAT – SUN: 7:30 am – 5 pm

Kitchen closes 3.30 pm