Curry Smuggler Shares The Love.

This Indian rustic restaurant is a fantastic addition to Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, and we can’t help but feel that anyone who walks through these doors will walk out feeling satisfied, and extremely happy.

The place is spacious, the feel is warm and cosy, there’s a sense of communal eating that goes on here. A kind of, we’re all in this together, feeling. A shared experience in both atmosphere and cuisine. And the cuisine, my oh my. Desi food the only way we’d like it.

Spices and aromas of India call the Curry Smuggler home. They waft in and out of the kitchen and fill your senses with a longing for the authentic and the spicy.

Each bite seems to be packed full of so much flavour and so many ingredients all working and infusing within each other that we wouldn’t even be able to make a list.

Image Via Curry Smuggler Instagram Account

The Butter Chicken is a boneless tandoori chicken that melts in your mouth. Tomato and nut cream sauce is rich and hot and for winter this is the dish to have.

Classic Chicken Tikka Masala that always satisfies, smoke flavoured lamb or goat curry served with smoked onions and capsicums will fill every inch of you with goodness.

Image Via Curry Smuggler Instagram Account

The dishes are served unpretentiously and with sizable measures. The staff are kind and knowledgeable, the owners have taken great care to put together a place that says simple things like, this is Indian cuisine, this is what we love, this is what we wish to share, without overindulging into the modern or the eclectic.

Whether a date, a night out with some freinds, or just a casual lunch, the Curry Smuggler is a fantastic option in Fitzroy.

Bon Appetite.


223 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065



0423 150 346

Opening Hours

Monday: Closed

Sun, Tue & Wed: 5.30pm to 9.30pm

Thursday to Saturday: 5.30pm to 10.30pm