Speechless At Elektra – Himalayan Alchemy House.

And then there are those that so fit in with one another, like a piece of a puzzle, creating a picture both unique, yet familiar, colourful and warm, personal and storied. Some cafes are just great.

You can always tell when there’s a sense of passion and love behind something. You walk in and can’t help but feel a personal touch has been put to everything you see. Every picture, every cup, every plant, every decorative piece hand-selected from the heart.

Images Via Elektra Instagram Account

Images Via Elektra Instagram Account

It’s an unsaid thing. Something you just know. The same way you know when walking into a place how distant the owner is from the setting. How little they had to do with it, or perhaps even care (like so many stock standard places these days). But not Elektra. It is the epitome of connection and personal touch. What makes it stand out the most.

This modern, eclectic, classic menued, Himalayan infused cafe is a treat, and we absolutely love it. Rustic at the edges, colourful in the middle, and welcoming all around, Elektra is a delicious treat and a Brunswick Street must for any wanderers of the world and explorers of tastes, spices and fantastic coffee.

This place is a collider scope of colour, a collage of character and it makes absolutely no attempt to subdue it. It merely states the obvious, this is me and lets you revel in it, enjoying the individualism of the creator.

Images Via Elektra Instagram Account

Images Via Elektra Instagram Account

The menu at Elektra is also a stand out of its own. Delicious items like the Mustang Stew with its hurricane of flavour, crispy okra fries that will send you into an addictive frenzy, a burger selection that will put you to heavenly sleep, the sherpa chilli scramble – a breakfast that pairs beautifully with a strong coffee and an eager stomach – and so much more!

You’ll be swept up into the Himalayas at Elektra. The staff here are amazing, too. The service really does make the difference to a place and at Elektra, you feel taken care of from start to finish. We really do feel like this place was made with true passion and are so happy to have discovered it along our travels.

To you, our readers, we highly recommend Elektra.

Bon Appetite.


268 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 8 am – 4:30 pm

Saturday – Sunday: 9 am – 4:30 pm