The Simply Charming Papirica.

Simply put, Papirica is one of the most charming and quaint Japanese cafe’s we have ever been to, and it is stuck in our memories forever.

This smallish cafe is only two rooms and a courtyard. Inside you’ll find knick-knacks from owner Yutaka “Matsu” Matsuda’s life, old wooden crates and boxes, teapots, tables and chairs mixed and matched almost like a school, and plants popping up here and there in whimsy. The characters that work here, that call Papirica their home, are kind, warm, inviting and ever so charming. It seems, to me, that Papirica is a perfect memory.

Image Via Papirica Instagram Account

The food is authentic homemade Japanese cuisine. Simply prepared yet deliciously delivered. Their famous Okonomiyaki sauce is absolutely delicious, their sandwiches and sweets made with their own bread will have you coming back every day for a slice or three, and we have, trust us.

Matsuda is ever the craftsmen. Sourcing local ingredients when needed, and amalgamating traditional Japanese dishes once had in Osaka, where he is from, with new and personal experiences to give something truly special.

Images Via Papirica Instagram Account

Images Via Papirica Instagram Account

There is always something so humble and admirable about a person who does a thing with love and here, at Papirica, we cannot help but see and feel and taste that love in every aspect. Truly a special place in our hearts and we hope in yours, we do recommend Papirica.

Bon Appetite.


22 Smith Street Collingwood, Melbourne 3066



03 9416 1829

Opening Hours

Tue-Sun 10-3:30