Turning Vinyl At Heartland Records.

Over two decades of vinyl, Heartland Records is one of Melbourne’s go-to spots for all your record needs.

A stone’s throw from Queen Victoria Market in North Melbourne, you can’t miss Heartland Records. You can’t help but feel the character of a place when walking through its doors. It can be eclectic, chic, upscale, pretentious, unbridled, and unbashful. We suppose walking through the doors into Heartland Records gives you a feeling of artful passion.

A kind of nerding out for all things vinyl, Heartland Records is the mecca of music. An unpretentious place to hang out, share experiences and connect.

Image Via Heartland Records Instagram Account

There’s something addictive about it. Being in a place filled with people all there for the same reason. The love of music, of the history of music, of the sheer passion for a vinyl record. On a busy day, you’ll hear conversations about everything from Motorhead to Pink Floyd, from bands you’ve never heard of to ones that are ingrained in your brain.

You’ll see patrons that have come and gone for years sifting through the piles, one by one, taking a record out and observing the cover like it was a fine piece of art.

Image Via Heartland Records Instagram Account

You’ll get lost in the conversations of the staff, and the knowledge that comes from working in a field you’re passionate about. From deep back catalogues to any genre you could imagine, and some you’d be surprised even exist.

The heart of Heartland has to be Paul Cook, owner and operator and encyclopedia when it comes to his forte. Few places like this exist anymore. Those down-to-earth places that focus on one thing, and do it damn well.

If you can’t step into the shop, and we hope you can, their online shop has most of their stock, and a quick phone call can help you locate those far-off pieces you’ve been looking for.


420/422 Victoria Street, North Melbourne, VIC 3051




(03) 9329 9636

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Friday: 11am – 6pm

Saturday – Sunday: 11am – 5:30pm