The One That’s Always There, Hot Poppy Cafe.

For over twenty years, Hot Poppy Cafe has been a staple of the North Melbourne community.

Located in the centre of the North Melbourne shops, Hot Poppy is like one of those old friends that no matter how far you go or how long you go for, you know they’ll always be there waiting. However, this friend just so happens to be waiting for you with a big breakfast, all the fixings, and a hot cup of coffee.

We should all be so lucky…To have a friend like Hot Poppy Cafe, waiting for us.

With a fresh flower on each table, Hot Poppy is a colourful little cafe in the heart of a character-filled neighbourhood. Its quaint setting is only made more personable with its tucked-away little courtyard at the back, for those private moments where you feel like escaping the sidewalk seating or the crowded interior.

A menu filled with all the favourites, Hot Poppy is Melbourne’s cafe. A simple, down to earth, unprotentious cafe that has seen its family grow over the decades and has been through all the tribulations that Melbourne’s been through.


9 ERROL STREET, North Melbourne, Victoria, 3051




Opening Hours

MONDAY – SUNDAY: 07.30 AM to 17.00 PM