Fun And Fun At The Fox Hotel.

The classic Melbournian style pub. Warm atmosphere. Easygoing staff. Relaxed vibes. Pub menu with a twist. Pool table. Live music nights. Giveaways. Sports on the tv. And a good old fashioned yarn. Yep, that’s The Fox Hotel.

It’s the quintessential pub experience. The one we just love. The charm of the local, the wit and banter of a staff filled with jokes and quips. The smiles and conversations of local patrons that know everyone by name, come down for a beer, lounge the afternoon away.

The menu is classic with twists here and there. Vegetarian Burritos, mouth-watering Pork Belly, some pretty darn good Pie, and vegan options to boot! On tap beers as much as you like and the spirits that go good with ice or without it.

Images Via The Fox Hotel Instagram Account

Images Via The Fox Hotel Instagram Account

Steak nights, Parma Nights, Sundays are two-course roasts and more. There’s a list of live music and DJ’s that like to rock it out. You can check it out on their website below, or just seriously drop by and hang for a few.

There are a lot of places in Melbourne. Cafes, Restaurants, Clubs, upscale, high-end, eclectic, this that and the other, but sometimes what we want is just a good old fashioned pub. We just want to be ourselves, pull up a chair, have a chat, a drink, and go home with a smile and a story or two. The Fox Hotel has characters that bring that and more to you, all you gotta do is show up.

That is The Fox Hotel.


351 Wellington St, Collingwood, VIC 3066



03 9416 4957

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