When Passion Meets Precision, Smithward.

Good things come in small packages. Smithward is a very good thing in a very small and unique, Parisian styled, Spanish inspired, package, that sits only seventeen lucky individuals.

What makes Smithward such a place? A place to indulge. A place to watch and to wonder at the precision of a master. To trust your experience and place your palate in the hands of a true artisan? Perhaps, it is the exclusion. The exclusion of extensive wine lists, pages and pages of menu items, and more beers than you can carry. It is often those who limit their offerings that create the best experiences. Perhaps it is the passion and love that can only ever truly be focused on one thing, not a thousand. Or, we think, it is the ultimate amalgamation of all those things which owners and true lovers of delight, Georgina Russell and Graham Hill, understand and uphold. The concept of precision and passion.

The setting itself is truly inspired. It is simplicity and warmth. The simplicity of bare walls, save for two paintings, plywood floors, and a marble and wooden counter that sits as the centrepiece of it. The painter’s canvas. With a staff that breezes through tables and customers with effortless confidence and deep rooted knowledge in what they do.

Image Via Smithward Instagram Account

A large window idles alone, letting the lights of Smith Street melt through, as the aromas of selected wines and cheeses fill the bar with their ambience.

On offer at Smithward are eight wines: three whites, three reds, a rosé and a sparkling. Sourced and handpicked from Victoria by the owners, they are relentless in their pursuit of the local and the unique. A cheese list, including a grilled Raclette that will melt your worries away, is also on offer, with a selection of small plates, and house-made sourdough. A Charcuterie made for the occassion. The occasion, to experience the history, tastes, and character of it all.

For those of you who wish for beer rather than wine, Wolf of the Willows provides a single beer choice that changes to reflect the seasons. And if you feel like enjoying your very own Smithward inspired evening at home, they have their selections all available in the wine shop, ready to go, and as much as for some that is enough, I implore you, experience Smithward in person.

Truly, this is a quaint and inspired place. A small and cozy atmosphere, wrapped in a passionate ribbon, delivered by loving hands. A page in European wine bars right here in our very own Collingwood.

With the highest of pleasures and delights, we recommmend, Smithward.

Bon Appetite.


48 Smith Street, Collingwood VIC 3066



Opening Hours

Wednesday–Saturday 4–11pm