Mixity Persian Restaurant Turns It Up To Eleven.

There’s always something happening at Mixity Persian Restaurant, in the heart of Lygon Street, bustling with people, a jolt of conversations, laughter, and appetizing Iranian cuisine.

In the absolute centre of Lygon Street, where parades, concerts, street performers, artists, and every other imaginable occasion takes place, is Mixity Restaurant and Cafe.

This place is fun. And who doesn’t like fun? The menu is pretty full, with some Persian classics, along with a mix of pizzas and snacks for those wanting a little variety. Drinks are plentiful, and so are the shishas.

Mixity is a pretty large restaurant, with a decent amount of outdoor seating. Most weekends you’ll see it busting with people as tourists and Melbournians alike walk up and down the strip. A popular nightspot and hangout for the young, and a pretty damn delicious dining experience too.

The Shish Kebab is the main choice of a Mixity patron, and well deserved too. There’s a long list of lamb and chicken options, with dips of choice, chips on the side and a fresh-made salad. Stock standard pizza’s, as you do on Lygon Street, also made it to the menu. But it’s the socializing that’s the fun at Mixity. There’s always smiles to go around and it’s a popping place that’s a solid Carlton choice for the start or middle of the night.


171 Lygon Street, Carlton, VIC 3053




03- 993 986 02

Opening Hours

Wed to Mon: 4:30pm to10:30 pm: Tuesday Closed