The Khabbay Ingredient.

Traditions, authenticity, passion, community and history. These are the pages of food in what is the incredible narrative of Pakistani-Indian cuisine. Khabbay on Lygon Street has written many chapters in that book. Chapters filled with incredible spices and ingredients. Dishes made from scratch, with generations of knowledge and love infused on each plate.

Khabbay is marked by quality, attention to detail, and the pure joy of the desi dining experience.

Image Via Khabbay Restaurant Instagram Account

With a warm and inviting atmosphere, the staff are attentive, the service is quality, and the setting provides an authentic modern experience with space that lends itself to privacy while maintaining a sense of communal eating.

The founders of Khabbay, Usman Ashraf, who loves experimenting with ingredients both traditional and new and has spent years working alongside incredible desi chefs, and Zeeshan Ashraf, who has a deep familial bond with cuisine and ensures that each dish is made from scratch with great attention and passion, have created an amazing restaurant in Khabbay.

Image Via Khabbay Restaurant Instagram Account

We recommend Khabbay, of course, and recommend bringing friends and leaving your worries at the door. Inside there are spices, curries, sweets and delicacies that will bring the otherworldy to you.

Bon Appetite.


140-146 Lygon Street,Carlton VIC 3053, Australia.




+61 433 982 552

Opening Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday: 5 pm – 11 pm

Saturday – Sunday: 4 pm – 11 pm