The Old World Of Carlton Curry House.

The Carlton Curry House is a walk-up, two-storied, old Victorian styled with frayed edges, warn wood and traditional and fusion Indian cuisine.

There is a warm feeling inside. Accompanied by banter from the staff, and the clanging of dishes and pots in the back. From both outside and in, it is insignificant in decor or demeanour, however, that in and of itself is what lends a certain character and colour to the Carlton Curry House.

The food is a hit. Fusion, certainly, traditional, very much so, and a list of healthier options to go around. Local ingredients are used in dishes that are hot, robust, aroma filled and can transport a person to the bustling streets of Delhi.

The curry has levels. For those of us who enjoy a curry but not the spice, full flavoured mild options are available. For those of us who wish to experience the true nature of Indian spice, a fiery hot version will be happily made and neatly served.

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The Naan and Roti are all cooked in the Tandoor, an Indian clay oven heated with charcoal. Another traditional addition to this earthy restaurant. Chicken, lamb and fish all marinated are grilled within the Tandoor, adding to the flavour which on gas or electricity seems to miss.

There’s been plenty a party had at the Curry House. Birthdays, functions, holidays to be shared. It’s an inviting space, unpretentious and welcoming.

You are welcome to take a friend, and stop by for a meal.


108 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053


(03) 9078 1263


Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday: 5:30 PM – 10:30 PM