The Right Stuff At Sea Salt Kitchen.

You can’t go wrong with fish and chips, true…BUT, you can certainly go really, really right! Sea Salt Kitchen enters the room, drops the mic, then the plate of fish and chips on your table and walks away into the mist. You look down, take a bite, close your eyes, and all of a sudden wake up on a beach somewhere and wonder, “How in Hell did I get here?”.

There’s probably a ton of fish and chip, burger and sushi places in Melbourne. I mean, it’s Melbourne. And I’m sure they all do incredible things, and some don’t, and some are alright, and some are just fine.

Sea Salt Kitchen also does fish and chips, burgers and sushi. But it does them really, really well.

This place is pretty chill, in the best way possible. You don’t want your fish and chip joint to be too fancy, but you do want to feel like you can fancy it up a little on those occasions. You don’t want it pretentious, but you do want to enjoy some wine with your meal and not feel like you’re sitting in a takeaway. You don’t want it pricey, but you do want to know that the prices reflect something important going on in the kitchen.

Sea Salt has a very specific mission and in its own way, it accomplishes that mission much to the Carltonites pleasure. It serves, as you might have guessed by now, an array of delicious hand-picked and perfectly cooked fish. Plates of succulent king prawns. The crunchiest of chips. The freshest of salads. Tender mouth-watering calamari, oh yes most satisfying oysters and sushi made creatively and meticulously by their very own Sushi Chef.

Image Via Sea Salt Kitchen Instagram Account

Burgers are also on the menu and we definitely scoff them down like no one’s business. We’ll rattle off a few of their choices in a minute but first, let me just give a little shoutout to the buns. Would you mind?

A bun can either make or break a burger. A good bun can take a good, or even decent, burger to the next level. Now when the burgers are as good as they are here, and the buns are that soft, thick, just huggable bun, the burgers become pretty darn great.

Their Katsu Chicken Burger, for example, is on our list for those who love them some chicken. For those who love mixing bread and seafood, their Salmon Burger is a treat. But for our pick, you gotta go the old school classic, the Cheeseburger. It’s an old friend, it’s an old girlfriend or boyfriend, it’s a memory of chilling with your friends and sharing a bite to eat. It’s classic for a reason.

Sea Salt Kitchen certainly does deliver. And amongst the Lygon Street goers and revellers, you gotta stand out somehow.

We’re happy they stood out this way.

Bon Appetite.


364 Lygon Street, Carlton



03 93474777

Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday: 11AM – 8PM
Friday: 10:30AM – 9PM
Saturday: 11AM – 8PM
Sunday: 11AM – 7:30PM