Moments Of Sheer Delight At Milk The Cow

Here we have Milk The Cow. Here we have a restaurant that specializes in cheese and in wine and in the pairing that has existed for centuries. Here we have an experience, an indulgence, an eclectic, modern style restaurant that caters to diners, shoppers, enthusiasts and the like.

Wine and cheese are ageless companions, like aspirin and aches, June and Moon, or good people and noble ventures.

M.F.K Fisher

There is an air of sophistication to Milk The Cow. There is a certain level of maturity, perhaps a side effect from the matured and aged wine and cheeses that they offer. Or perhaps it is a maturity and an elegance that usually accompanies places that specialise in things. In the thrall of dining culture, we are all too familiar with the large never-ending menus and the long lists of places that sell long lists of things. It daunts us, and it usually takes the confidence we need for our dining experiences away.

Milk The Cow reinstils that confidence, and how.

It has a New York dining style to it. A modern, big city, striking feel. And it has wine, and cheese, and bread we could die for.

Specialising in specialised pairings, the knowledgeable staff, with years of experience and wisdom, will take you through each selection and explain all those little details to help your palate along.

Image Via Milk The Cow Instagram Account

A flight is what you would most probably be after here. A flight of four drinks and four kinds of cheese to pair them with. A flight that will take you on a journey through ranges, tastes, aromas and seasons. The flights at Milk The Cow are endless, there is always one coming along and another departing. The selection, too, is almost endless. Cheeses from regions unheard of, ages far too old to mention, maturity or youth, stinky or not, blue or yellow or white or anything else in between. The wines they pair them with, also, come from all over the world. We could describe our experiences, our satisfied and fulfilled appetite at leaving such a place, but that isn’t our style.

Instead, we would simply recommend a booking. The large table at the back. A few friends. And plenty of flights. Or perhaps, a date. Or if you, like some of us, are an enthusiast for the tastes of red and white and blue and yellow, then a chair at the bar would do just fine.

Either way, enjoy Milk The Cow.

Bon Appetite.


323 Lygon Street, Carlton



03 9348 4771

Opening Hours

12pm – late, Tuesday – Sunday.

Closed Mondays for awhile.