The Funkadelic Vibes of Sugar Glider Bar

In the heartbeat of Fitzroy, where the streets echo with the soulful rhythm of funk and the spirit of Melbourne is coated across the walls, lies the Sugar Glider Bar—a late-night glam-dive that’s carving its reputation in Melbourne’s nightlife scene. And it must be said, it’s a reputation well worth it. There’s something really special going on here.

Picture this: neon lights that dance like a jazz ensemble, walls and carpets that make you feel like you’ve entered an underwater cave of wonders, intimate booths haloed by vintage lamps, a long winding centrepiece bar stocked to the brim with drinks to satiate and surprise, and a vibe that screams downtown New York. The Sugar Glider Bar is all that but so much more. It’s a spot that lures you in with its quirky charm. With the orange neon sign out front and the dark alluring facade. You look at it and you just, well, need to go in. But once you’re in….you’re in, and Sugar Glider refuses to let you leave without a few stories to tell.

Image Source: Sugar Glider Bar

At the heart of this Fitzroy hideout are smiling faces that serve up liquid magic. The mixologists at Sugar Glider don’t just craft cocktails; they compose symphonies in a glass. From classic concoctions that pay homage to the city around it to avant-garde creations that defy the rules, every sip is a journey through the flavours of Melbourne.

Served to you by possibly one of the friendliest staff out there; you can’t help but be sucked into this place with every pour and shake. Friendly banter, a nod to your favourite drink, and an ambience that makes you feel like part of the family—this is more than just a place to sit and sip. You come back.

Image Source: Sugar Glider Bar

Stand-up comedy – Every Wednesday from 8PM – Free entry
Trivia hosted by Scooter – Every Thursday from 8PM
Party DJs until 3AM Thursday, Friday and Saturday
A Celebration of David Bowie – Friday Feb 2nd – Bowie cocktails, tunes, dress-ups etc

From funk that makes the floor throb to indie, rock, disco, and pop, Sugar Glider Bar is an experience. It’s no wonder, really, seeing as it’s owned and operated by the former venue managers of some of Melbourne’s premier late-night destinations, including Yah Yahs, Cherry Bar, the Rochy and Ding Dong Lounge to name a few. And you feel it. The years of experience, cultivating night after night of Melbourne’s after-dark saloons. It shows in every drink poured, every smile had, every corner of this eclectic cavern of charm.

Image Source: Sugar Glider Bar

In a city known for its laneway secrets and hidden gems, Sugar Glider Bar stands tall as the funky heart of Fitzroy. It’s not a place to stroll past; it’s a destination where your night transforms from a few drinks with friends, to endless conversations served on ice, or with a straw, underneath the tunes of some of Melbourne’s most talented musicians. There are a lot of places one can frequent in Melbourne. It’s a city known for its bars, and as such, fancy furniture, expensive milkshake cocktails, and over-the-top dressing just won’t cut it anymore. No, it’s the authentic, the spirit, the soul that wins here. And there’s plenty of that at Sugar Glider Bar.

Image Source: Sugar Glider Bar

Address: 56 Johnston St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

Open: 6 PM – 3 AM Tuesday through to Saturday.

Sugar Glider Bar

Instagram: @sugargliderbar