The Parks Of North Melbourne, A Tour.

What is a park if not a break from the wicked world and a place to picnic, play, or just lie around creating shapes in the clouds?

North Melbourne is one of the inner north’s most peaceful and tranquil suburbs. Quiet streets are interwoven and sprinkled with cafes and culture, among them, tucked here and there, are the parks that call North Melbourne home.

Here we have the small, the large, the medium, the barely seen and the greatly visited. The well kept, the not so well kept, and the ones that dogs adore. The parks of North Melbourne. Go on, wander.

Royal Park

Just one of those beautiful places in North Melbourne to wander and dream. The Royal Park is right in the heart of it all, next to the Royal Hospital, up from the Melbourne Zoo, around the corner from the shops. Great views of the city from its northern tip and a perfect place for couples to stroll their way through a date.

Pleasance Gardens

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A stone throw from the Royal Park, the Pleasance Gardens are tucked into Abbotsford Street not too far from Errol Street. What can we say, for a quiet afternoon with a picnic and a few mates, it’s quite….pleasant.

Errol Street Reserve

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Right down from the cafe centre of North Melbourne, Errol Street Reserve is just off a school zone and always busy! Perfect for a book to read or getting some exercise in.

Clayton Reserve

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You got a dog? Well the Clayton Fenced Reserve is the dog haven of North Melbourne. Out of the very, and we mean very, few dog friendly locals, Clayton is actually a decently sized and well groomed place to meet, greet, and fetch.

Eades Place Park (Technically West Melbourne, but who’s counting?)

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Simple, cute, with playgrounds for the kiddies and plenty of shade, Eades is on the West side, technically, but pretty much North Melbourne. We ain’t counting.

Not a park but a perfect place for a picnic! Outside Auction Rooms!

Not a park but a great place to enjoy some of Errol Street’s best coffee and snacks for a lunch! Just opposite of Auction Rooms, this grassy area is always busy with locals who love to sit and watch the world go by on a not so busy road with their coffees and conversations.