Drooling For The French Lettuce.

We weren’t really sure how to write an article about The French Lettuce. I mean, it’s hard enough to talk about deliciously mouth-wateringly amazingly sweet desserts, let alone try and write about them while you’ve just downed like five.

But here we are. The keyboard is sticky. My stomach is full. And I’m thinking about seconds and thirds. Life is hard…

Image Via The French Lettuce Instagram Account

The French Lettuce, to put it simply, is a premier cake and bakeshop. To put it simpler, it’s family-owned, family-operated, and has been running in Melbourne for over four decades. Four decades of mouthwatering desserts in Melbourne.

The truth is I don’t really want to write anymore. I could go on about the incredibly warm service. The smiles you see not only from the staff but the people who walk out knowing they’re about to be very, very well fed. I could talk about the century-long family history behind it. The expertise, the craftsmanship, the skill and talent that goes into some of Melbourne’s best pastries, cakes, macarons, bread, sweets, savouries, and gelato flavours. Sure, we could go on and on about the delicate nature of baking. The intricacies of design and the patience of true masterful kneading.

But let’s face it, sometimes a picture really does say a thousand words, and in this case, I’d rather just tell you to go to The French Lettuce and let these mouth-watering images do the talking for me.

Bon Appetite.


237 Nicholson Street, Carlton, Victoria 3053 




(03) 9347 7105

Opening Hours

Weekdays: 6am – 3pm

Saturday: 6am – 3pm

Sunday: 7am – 3pm