The Fitzroy Mills Market!

One of Melbourne’s best markets, hands down, has to be the Fitzroy Mills Market. What a community, what a fantastically fun place to walk through, filled to the rafters with stalls from fashion, art, music, coffee and food. We cannot help but love the Fitzroy Market.

The market operates weekly, every Saturday from morning to afternoon. It’s a collaborative project between the Fitzroy Mills Market and the Fitzroy Market and the vibe of this place is what Fitzroy is all about.

Image Via Fitzroy Mills Market Instagram Account

The markets house over seventy stalls. Yep, seventy! As you stroll through on a fine sunny day, coffee in hand and a kick in your step, you’ll be passing artisan gifts, the smells of delicious sweets and treats to eat, the aromas of gorgeous flowers, vintage goods for the collectors and designers, treasures to conjure the imaginations and add beauty to your home, coffee to refill your cup made by craftsmen of the bean, beer if coffee just won’t do and all the while you’ll be tapping your feet to the sound of live music as it fills the markets from corner to corner.

Image Via Fitzroy Mills Market Instagram

It’s one of those perfect community places. Locals wave at each other, call out their names, shake hands (if we’re allowed yet), smile and laugh. Artists mull over projects, swapping ideas and details. And newcomers wander in wonder at this Fitzroy marvel, discovering a whole new world of pleasures and pleasantries.

Image Via Fitzroy Market Instagram Account

Image Via Fitzroy Market Instagram Account

If there’s ever a Saturday with nothing to do, or if you find yourself wandering about Fitzroy, we can not recommend enough that you wander over to the mills. A fun day with incredible people, the Fitzroy way.


75 Rose Stree, Fitzroy.


Opening Hours

Every Saturday: 9 – 2pm