Where The Ink Masters Live, Vic Market Tattoo.

This is Vic Market Tattoo, the place where storytellers, ink masters, and artists tell tales on skin. The place where passion and creativity reign supreme, talent is borne and bred, imagination and fantasy are interwoven and prophecized with needlepoint precision.

For over two decades, Vic Market Tattoo has told its stories with ink. Established as one of the oldest and most experienced tattoo shops in Melbourne, it houses an array of artists from all over the world.

At the forefront of Australian Ink Masters are a group of talented individuals with a worldwide skillset. Sought after nationa wide, these artists have a sense of love and passion for the artform that breeds success and reputation.

Wade Johnston, Tim Dywelska, Mark Lording, Chris Jones, Pablo Morte, Antony Von Ratcorpse and Lachie Grenfell, Deanna Lee, Kane Berry and visiting artists from all over have called Vic Market Tattoo home.

Their tattoos are instantly recognizable. Craftsmanship and pure joy, steady hands working under lamps well into the evenings, with laser focus and unbridled enthusiasm. Few places are held in such regard, few places deserve their reputations, Vic Market Tattoo is one of those rare and few places.

Blackwork, Fine Line, Traditional, Realistic, Dotwork, Cover-Ups, Etching, Religious, Mandalas, Geometric, Tattoo Flash, Minimalistic, and Tribal. You’ll find any style you desire within these walls. A warm and inviting atmosphere, a place with art on the walls and the skins of those who provide it. The ink masters will take you through your journey from concept through to the end. Every step of the way you’ll be guided, informed, and taken care of.

Every tattoo tells a story. Every piece of ink has a tale. A history. A moment and thought. At Vic Market Tattoo all these things coalesce and your moment, your story and your history: is told.


324 Victoria Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051




(03) 9326 5530

Opening Hours

Every Day: 11am – 7pm