Tabouli Sticks Out On Lygon.

Tabouli is one of the best middle eastern restaurants in town. Among the Italian bistro heavy Lygon Street, Tabouli sticks out for its shisha’s, for its warm service, and most importantly for its deliciously made food.

Flavours from South-East Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and more all seem to melt together in spices and aromas fired under blazing coals.

A modern bazaar in a classically styled setting, the restaurant doesn’t pretend nor does it play up its decor. It is spacious, simple, to the point. The food is also simple and to the point and when it comes to food they are simply on point every step of the way.

Mesopotamian cuisine lights up the place, and the staff only add to the ambience. It’s a delicious treat that won’t soon be forgotten. There is always pleasure in the authentic and the traditional. More so, we think, in middle eastern cuisine. The smells mistify the air. They fill the senses and conjure up images of old countries and ancient empires, of stalls upon stalls wafting in smoke. It paints a picture in your mind of communal eating. A group of friends sharing platters and plates, dipping bread in sauces and sipping on wines underneath a star-filled sky.

At Tabouli the portions are pretty good. You’ll most likely leave satisfied and with little room for dessert. Luckily you’ll be on Lygon Street and a breezy walk will do just fine.

Or perhaps you’ll stay for a shisha, a taste of your choice, outside as you sit and watch the world go by.

Whatever your purpose, Tabouli welcomes.

Bon Appetite.


189 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053


(03) 8383 2157