The Embodiment Of The Local Cafe.

We kind of adore the North End Cafe, and we have our reasons!

John and Sarah, mostly. The two took over what was once known as the North End Deli in 2019, and opened up the North End Cafe and have been reinvigorating a new life filled with the love and passion you find from pure joy and enthusiasm in what you do ever since.

Images via North End Cafe Instagram Account

Images via North End Cafe Instagram Account

You know you can always tell when someone is doing something they love and care about. There’s just something warm and inviting about them. You end up caring about it just as much as they do. It’s almost contagious.

Walking into North End Cafe you feel it straight away. It’s the kind of place you know you’ll be smiling when you walk out. It’ll make your day better. It’ll make you happy.

There’s something just so enjoyable about this place. So personal and invigorating. Every sandwich, every dessert, every cup of coffee is made by hand with that special ingredient and served with warmth and affection.

Image Via North End Cafe Instagram Account

John, the one-man army, heads up the front every day. He’ll know you by name pretty quickly, serve you by taste from his computer like memory, and let you know exactly what went wrong with the footy game the night before. Sarah his partner in crime, has the hands of an angel, and her special gift boxes, sweet packs, savoury packs, cookies and celebration cakes to order will send you into a journey of self discovery that will keep you coming back for more.

There’s a pride that’s felt with both John and Sarah. This place, in a short period of time, and through one of Melbourne’s worst years, has grown into the hearts of North Melbournians. It’s etched itself into the fabric of the community, and it ain’t going anywhere.

Walking into this unpretentious, charming cafe, you know that everything from the sausage rolls, corned beef Rueben, brownies and more are made right there. Crafted with care and pride from scratch. There’s plenty of seating, and patrons to let you know exactly what to get if you’re feeling unsure.

Images via North End Cafe Instagram Account

Images via North End Cafe Instagram Account

North Melbourne is one of those places. It’s quiet, reserved, yet speckled with stardust along hidden roads and neighbourhood shops. There’s plenty to recommend in North Melbourne, and we don’t usually go out of our ways to recommend, merely to observe, to taste and to inform. But North End Cafe is the exception.

We definitely recommend it. And we’re positive you will too.


257 Macaulay Road, North Melbourne, Victoria 3051




Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 6:00 am – 3:00 pm
Saturday – Sunday: Closed