The (New) North Melbourne Museum of Modern Art

museum of modern art north melbourne

Postponed and postponed again, Covid hit the art industry hard and artists really did starve a little over the last couple of years. But the years go by, the numbers dwindle, the sun comes out and the revellers take to the streets and from the ashes of a shitty year or so, new art is created, old artists dust off their brushes, and a collider scope of creative creations once again find a way.

Enter North Melbourne’s very own Meat Market and the new Museum of Modern Art that will call the Meat Market home until December 12th.

Enter museum ringleader and artist Michael Nicholson, with a retrospective of some of his favourite films along with a taste of his oil and acrylics.

Enter Ami Taib and her breathtakingly beautiful ceramic creations, sculpted with Japanese techniques and inspired by Scandinavian simplicity.

Enter Gary Bateman. His landscapes are pulled from the natural settings of New Zealand and Mallacoota. Coming alive with his acrylics, his oil paints, and his ever-flowing hands upon an ever-changing canvas.

Enter Melissa Nicholson. The new kid on the block, taking after her familial creative genes and clicking her path to the art world.

And enter Wayne Bateman. A man with a camera and decades of stories told in film. Decades of dreams and visions which were destroyed in the Black Saturday bushfires that raged our lands. And new beginnings that rose up from those ashes.

These are the artists that will exhibit their works at the Meat Market. Over one hundred pieces will fill this space. Over one hundred ideas and moments and emotions and dreams.


2 Wreckyn Street, North Melbourne, 3051

The Stables space, Meat Market.


Until 12th December – Midday to 8 PM every day.

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